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Design consultation

In every project we find the solution that merges our vision with our clients expertise to bring to life objects that are beautiful, functional, manufacturable, progressive, and economically viable. We work with major corporations as well as start-ups to create and develop game changing concepts in virtually every category of consumer goods. From concept initiation, through design development, detailing, prototyping, and guidance in manufacturing, our team of industrial designers has extensive background in creating designs that elevate the experiences of everyday life.

Space planning

Space planning involves arranging all of the items in your room so that it functions the way you need it to. Is there easy access to storage? Does traffic move easily through the space? Are the seating arrangements comfortable and functional for conversations, watching TV or reading a book? Is that wall or door in the right place? The first step to a well-designed space is carefully considered space planning. Without it even the most beautiful rooms can feel cluttered, cramped and uncomfortable.

Plans and elevations

Before we consider colors, furniture, materials or finishes we need to come up with a plan for how the space will function. We start with a detailed site measure, and then develop concept drawings for the new design. We work with you to adjust the drawings to make sure the space will meet your needs. Once the layout is approved, we fill in the details. For decorating projects we create floor plans and elevations. For renovation projects we create a complete set of drawings - everything the contractor needs to get the job done right. If a building permit is required, we work with engineers, architects or architectural technologists to create stamped construction drawings for permit approval.

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Design Scheme

The design scheme involves all of the materials, finishes, furniture, fixtures, colors, and accessories that go into a space. In short, it includes everything that happens on or between the floors, walls and ceilings. Once the drawings are approved and finalized, we get to work on the design scheme. This is where the look and feel of the space really comes together.

We source all the fabrics and furniture, tiles and countertops, flooring, hardware, mouldings and fixtures. We design custom furniture pieces, window treatments, built-ins and architectural details. We choose paint colors and wall coverings, lighting and accessories. All the details are considered and brought together to create a cohesive, unique and beautiful design that reflects your style and provides the functionality and impact you're looking for. All the legwork is done for you so you never have to do any running around. We present you with different options, a detailed budget, and guide you through the decision making process.

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Purchasing and project management

There are many different elements and details to track in a successful decorating, design or renovation project. Our team keeps on top of it all, assuring your project runs smoothly, on time, and on budget. We handle all the logistics of purchasing, ordering, quality control, delivery and installation. We work directly with trades to ensure the best quality workmanship, and act as your liaison so you never have to worry about leaving instructions or scheduling.